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Bullockcartwater Blog
Victor Yue, also known as “Chinatown Boy”, is a living encyclopedia of 牛车水 Niu Che Shui (Chinatown), traditional Taoist festivals and practice, heritage foods and much more. This is his personal blog of observations about life in Chinatown.

Bullockcartwater Facebook group
Stay updated with daily happenings in Chinatown via this community-run Facebook group moderated by Victor Yue of the Singapore Heritage Society.
Betel Box Tours
When you want to go below the tourist surface of Chinatown culture: contemporary and historical, Tony Tan will take you to places locals may not even know about. His tours are erudite yet personable.
Chinatown Business Association
This site has a packed schedule of activities for Chinatown. Some of them may be more tourism-centric.
Gan Clan Association
The Gan Clan Association has done a lot to revitalize itself to be attractive to younger members. It also has a Heritage Centre you can visit by appointment.
Grassroots Book Room
Grassroots Book Room holds a special place in people’s hearts if they love Chinese culture and literature. They  relocated to the Chinatown area in 2015.草根書室-Grassroots-Book-Room/311364918918555

Singapore Hok San Association
Hok San Association is one of Singapore’s most historical Lion Dance Associations with a high level of expertise, located in the Kreta Ayer area of Chinatown.
Kong Chow Wui Koon
Kong Chow Wui Koon (KCWK) is one of the oldest Chinese clan associations in Singapore. It was founded in 1840. It is well-known, locally and internationally, for its traditional Chinese martial arts, lion and dragon dance, as well as Cantonese opera.

National Library Board’s library@Chinatown
Located in the Chinatown Point shopping mall, this is the only public library specialising in Chinese arts and culture, and the first to be run by volunteers. There is also a small collection of materials on Chinese dialects commonly spoken in Singapore, such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew.

Singapore Poon Yue Association
Founded in 1879 by Cantonese pioneer Hoo Ah Kay (also known as Whampoa), this association is home to rare historic stone inscriptions.
Singapore Tourism Board’s Chinatown Heritage Centre
The Chinatown Heritage Centre allows the visitor to experience a taste of life in the crowded living spaces of a typical Chinatown shophouse in the past, as well as explaining a history of the area and aspects of traditional Chinese customs and practices .`
Siong Leng Musical Association
Siong Leng Musical Association was founded in 1941 to promote the ancient musical forms of Nanyin and Liyuan Opera in Singapore.
Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Chinatown Conservation Plan and Map
This provides a history and map of the various conservation districts within the designated historic enclave of Chinatown.

Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Chinatown Walking Trail and Map
Produced jointly with the Chinatown Business Association, this map provides an excellent way to explore the conservation districts within Chinatown on your own.

Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Chinatown Clans Walking Trail and Map
Produced in collaboration with the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, this walking trail brings you to nearly thirty associations, religious sites and other locations of historical significance to the Chinese community.

Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Conservation Portal
The URA’s Conservation Portal provides interactive maps which identify and provide background information on each of the almost 7200 gazetted conservation buildings in Singapore. The public are also to share stories and photographs of any of these conservation buildings and zones.